The GOSPEL Truth

Old and New Gospel favorites delivered by Contemporary Gospel Artist. Bringing the thrill of Gospel music to your Gospel LOVING community!

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Meet the Artist

Intimate small settings.

Up close and personal with the musician. Talk about the musc, ask questions and get to know the Artist in a smaller venue.

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You may reach us at

or ‪(615) 200-8613‬

Higher POWER

We bring music production of Spiritual music that is uplifting and highlighting Spiritual things through Pop and Inspirational music to encourage you and your community.

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Rising Star

Welcome vocal artist – “Ti Maria” to your venue/Event!

While only recording for a few years, Ti Maria has already acquired a loyal following of fans! You can Sample her music here!

No matter what your event or venue, Ti Maria has the right combo for your Audience and Budget!

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or ‪(615) 200-8613‬

Music Festival – Local Artists!

You provide the Venue; we will provide the Music! This is a great way to reach out to your local community and build your relationship with your neighbors!

We will bring a fun filled music festival to your location! We will provide a template for marketing and promotion as well as a banner to advertise the event!

You provide the crew to help with setup, promotion, etc and we will bring a variety of musical acts to please everyone in your area!

This is provided free of charge – but we do ask that you allow us to set up our “Merch” table and two donation boxes.

For more information:

or ‪(615) 200-8613‬